Chris Brown’s Attorney Mark Geragos Plans To Launch Investigation Against Baylee Curran

Mark Geragos and Chris Brown

Photo: Getty Image; Frederick M. Brown


Once again “Loyal” singer Chris Brown is in a bit of legal trouble but this time it may all be fabricated accusations by a shady former pageant contestant, Baylee Curran. Chris Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos states that Brown has been totally cooperative during this investigation and that no guns were located in the house search by LAPD. Lets admit it, Curran’s story sounds very suspect and since her allegations against Brown, more of her past has came to the light. There are multiple stories floating around but here is what we know, Brown’s daughter wasn’t present and that the cops confiscated Brown’s security camera footage so the truth will come out eventually. According to Brown and the guests that were present at his house at the time of┬áthis alleged assault all state that Curran became irate when she was told to leave the premises. Reportedly there were two unconfirmed texts from Curran stating, “‘The MF-er is going to go down” and “‘I would say he tried to shoot me.” Brown’s attorney said his team is also investigating a report that Curran has a relationship with Nia Guzman, Royalty’s mother and you know this wouldn’t be the first time that Guzman has had ties to a con artist. Don’t forget about her scamming ex King Ba that was wanted by Houston PD for forging checks and it looks like Curran falls under the same category. Curran was recently spotted posing with paparazzi, so I guess it’s safe to say she is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. As more information becomes available we’ll keep you posted!


Video by TMZ


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